Monday, September 2, 2013

100 Prints Project #63 - Hope and Ruby

This is Hope and her rabbit, Ruby.  I met her at the Wilkin County Fair in Breckenridge, Minnesota during the road trip workshop.  The fair was in the stages of just being set up and the only real action to be found was the kids getting their animals settled.  I thought that they might be a little intimidated by 7 photographers wandering around in an otherwise empty barn, but Hope engaged us right away and told us about Ruby and her other rabbit, Thumper.  She shared with us how her brother was also bringing rabbits to the fair, but his weren't as nice as hers.  We all snapped our photos of her and moved on to the chickens.  Soon Hope was back with Thumper and asked if we wanted pictures of them as well.  We happily obliged.  As I was turning to leave the barn she struck up a conversation about her summer, her family and going back to school.  She spoke of seemingly wild adventures that she and her brother had been on over that summer and her eyes sparkled as she shared the details.  So much energy and enthusiasm in someone with their whole life ahead of them.  I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her with me and pull her out in the dark moments.  Everyone needs a dose of Hope now and then.


  1. The light is beautiful for this portrait, Jane! Lovely.

    And you're right... we all need to pull out a little hope now and then :)

  2. I love that, we definitely all need a little hope for those dark days.

  3. A great environmental portrait and the lighting is perfect. For someone who doesn't love photographing people, you are pretty amazing at it.