Tuesday, July 9, 2013

100 Prints Project #61 - Zoya and EB

EB had been waiting for the day for a long time - the day when she'd get to meet Zoya in person and not have to settle for Yahoo chats and skype calls.  It's the kind of friendship that had grown beyond the boundaries of what the internet had to offer.  The days were emotional for me-  to first send her off on adventures with a stranger that had come all the way from Michigan to make the connection, and then to meet up with them later and watch EB with her friend, mentor and soul sister.  Their two days together were sweet and comfortable, like they had known each other forever and I could see the weight of the world being lifted off of EB's shoulders as Zoya offered her counsel and friendship.  This was one of my favorite images from those two days - soul sisters from different mothers.


  1. Your daughter is truly an amazing person. You must be so proud of her. This is a beautiful image.