Thursday, January 5, 2012

100 Prints Project #29 - Coast Guard Station Stairs

This one was taken during a photography workshop on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  We had already spent about 15 hours in Grand Marais and had just finished shooting the sunset.  Everyone was tired and ready to head back to the hotel, but on the way back to the car I noticed the staircase behind the Coast Guard building.  It was lit really nicely and there were some interesting lines there, so I mounted my camera on the tripod and took a series of shots.  This was my favorite.  It was taken with Ilford FP4+ - one of my favorite black and white films.  I wish I had held more detail in the upper left corner, but even Photoshop couldn't save it.


  1. The lack of detail in the upper left doesn't bother me at all, Jane. It's impossible for us to know how far away the light source is, and for all I know, it could be in that hot spot. Wouldn't have any detail in that case anyway.

    I'm impressed with how much detail you retained in the shadows. Could have ended up dark, and would have had an entirely different feeling.

    So glad to see that you're still working through this series.

  2. This has a great film noir look to it. I love all of the different textures and intersecting lines.

  3. A wonderful graphic image. Love the patterns and textures and play of light.

  4. Nice shot--I had not seen the last three or four posts. This one is my favorite, love the quality of the light.