Thursday, October 27, 2011

100 Prints Project #19 - When I find myself in times of trouble...

"When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be."

John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Taken in Lakewood Cemetery in South Minneapolis.


  1. Thanks you guys. I've driven through the cemetery many times and was always too overwhelmed and nervous to take the camera out of the car. Their security personnel have a strong presence there. This time I took the chance and within a minute, the security car cruised by to see what I was doing. I must have look harmless because he kept on driving. Can't wait to go back.

  2. I'd be put off by the security too . . . . glad you were able to get this pic though, beautiful.

  3. Lisa Van Heel MathreOctober 28, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    Love the the words.....beautiful!

  4. I would have been terrified of the security - there's a part of me that's such a rule follower. But your risk was worth it. Totally beautiful.

    Glad you're still here!

  5. Beautiful message! Thanks for visiting my blog...nice to meet you!!!