Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simply Hardware #4 - Light tubes

Probably one of the images that provoked the most conversation of all of my hardware photos. People at the exhibit opening would look at the photo and then ask what it was. When I told them it was fluorescent light bulbs, they would look puzzled and then ask me to take them into the store and show them where I found them. Standing in front of the box, invariably they would scratch their heads and ask "how did you see that"? I never have a good answer for that one. I don't know why I see things in a way that other people do not or why I don't see what other folks see. I'm gradually making peace with that mystery and trying to embrace it instead of wondering what makes me defective. I hope you enjoy the image. I have a few more hardware images to come and then some fun stuff from Holy week at church after that.