Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A glimpse inside

I love cemetaries.  There's one on the corner of Chicago Ave and 46th street in South Minneapolis that I visit on a regular basis.  The place speaks to me.  I've photographed the pattern on this door many times (see the post from 6/28/10).  One of the times I was there recently I turned around for one last look before I got into the car and noticed that if I stood on my toes the glass was less milky and you could see inside.  It was like discovering secret treasure.  I have many images of the inside of this small monument and continue to shoot it each time I go -  just in case there's something I missed the last time I was there.


  1. This is positively ethereal. It gives me shivers. A great reminder to always check behind you when shooting.

  2. Beautiful, there's something mysterious about this shot, like it hints at something more.