Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The leaves are falling

It's been wicked windy here for the last several days and most of the trees, with the exception of some stubborn ones in the backyard, have been stripped of their leaves.  This is a group of leaves I found on Oberg Mountain on the North Shore of Lake Superior a couple of years ago.  You might wonder if I ever take photos anywhere else.  The answer is yes, but I couldn't prove it to you with the last few posts.  I do have to admit that the North Shore inspires me like no other place.  Maybe I just need to get out more.


  1. A perfect photo to reflect the moody weather we're experiencing. The light on the center leaf gives a sense of hope but the tattered edges say it will be fleeting. I'm getting too philosophical now - should have headed south a few days sooner!

  2. Red is my favorite color and I love it when I see it out in nature. If a place like the North Shore inspires you I say go with it.

  3. Kathy More said...

    I like the red color also and the way the leaves look like they are floating in the air. I never tire of pictures from the North Shore.