Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heading North again, even if it's in spirit

Not a fantastic image, but it reflects where my mind and soul are today.  This was taken in Grand Marais, MN from the municipal campground looking back at the harbor and Artists Point.  I dream of this some day being my home.  I will be away for a few days so my next post will probably be for Macro Monday.


  1. Really? You don't think this is a fantastic image?
    I do! I love how you capture the spray of water at the exact time.
    I too hope you someday live there its so beautiful!
    I'll come visit!!!!
    Love ya

  2. I love the spray too . . . really miss not living by the sea.

  3. I agree, really you don't think this is a great picture. Makes me want to pack up the car and head north. If I win the lottery we are all moving there, one giant house for the girls and a small cabin for the men.