Thursday, May 4, 2017

100 Prints Project #97 - Love Locks

I've wanted to photograph this pier pillar down at Canal Park for ages.  It's been adorned with tons of locks.  I suppose it's a gesture similar to the one in Paris on the Pont des Arts bridge.  I dreamed of all of the great images I was going to get when I finally got around to getting down there with my camera.  During a recent trip to Duluth, my friend Jacqueline and I ventured down to the pillar and I was so excited to finally begin making all of these great photos I had imagined.  I have to say that it was disappointing.  The locks were nothing special, most of them new locks with sharpie scrawl on them.  Macro shots weren't quite right.  Wider angle, kind of environmental portraits, weren't quite right.  I struggled for awhile and then decided it just wasn't meant to be and put my camera down.  When processing the images, there was just one that kind of stood out.  It's the one you see here.  This image was taken the week of the one year anniversary of Prince's death so maybe it's fitting that this one spoke to me.

Monday, May 1, 2017

100 Prints Project #96 - Abstract Horizon

If you are a purist, you may want to turn away.  This image was done with the Lensbaby Velvet 56, with multiple exposure in camera.  I love the contrast of the very angular patterns in the water against the circular and round motion of the clouds.  It's a bit abstract, but it makes a statement that rings true with me.

Monday, April 17, 2017

100 Prints Project #91 - Is this What Heaven Looks like?

You do all kinds of weird stuff with your camera if you sit on a bench and stare at things long enough.  This is an image of the canal in Duluth that was done using multiple exposure in camera.  I did three shots, one of the canal and two of random cloud groups.  I didn't do much in post processing other than increase the contrast a bit, but still wanted the image to have a dream like quality.  Take a look at Jacqueline's blog later this week because I'm pretty sure she's going to have something similar, but much better.  She's a pretty amazing photographer so if you don't already follow her, you should definitely consider it.  You're missing some great stuff.